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Hello I'm Becky
| Ontario - Canada. | 18 | Single. |
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I ain't a hipster, bit I can make your hips stir.
My life

   Born in Ontario, 18 years young, I live in Canada Ontario. :3 

    I am a fun person when you get to know me. I’m a loud funny, outgoing person.I love to dance and be fools with my friends. I am Blonde, and I love to sing badly. I am a nice person ( Or I feel like one. :3 ) All I want to do right now, Is to have fun. To do what I want, and worry about the consequences when the time comes. I LOOOOVVE WANNABE BY THE SPICE GIRLS. It makes me so happy when I’m down. It is my song. UGH. LOVE IT! <3 
   When I grow up I want to be a poet. I was thinking of writing some down and putting them on tumblr but I dunnnno yet. ;o I actually entered this contest and got semi finalist in a world wide competition and I get my poem published in a book and a certificate, and 1 out of 116 prizes. My first great accomplishment. :) I am soo proud of myself. 

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