Hello I'm Becky
| Ontario - Canada. | 17 | Bisexual | Single. |
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I'm the kid you're parents warned you about
Smoke weed, take shots, party, be happy, Misfits,AHS, South Park, Bob's Burgers, Adventure Time, VD, PLL, Dr. Who, Avatar, Criminal Minds, Suburgatory, Inbetweeners, animals, music, family first, Piercings, Tattoos, Adventures, Traveling, Selfies, Respect.
My life

   Born in Ontario, 16 years young, I live in Canada Ontario. :3 

    I am a fun person when you get to know me. I’m a loud funny, outgoing person.I love to dance and be fools with my friends. I am Blonde, and I love to sing badly. I am a nice person ( Or I feel like one. :3 ) All I want to do right now, Is to have fun. To do what I want, and worry about the consequences when the time comes. I LOOOOVVE WANNABE BY THE SPICE GIRLS. It makes me so happy when I’m down. It is my song. UGH. LOVE IT! <3 
   When I grow up I want to be a poet. I was thinking of writing some down and putting them on tumblr but I dunnnno yet. ;o I actually entered this contest and got semi finalist in a world wide competition and I get my poem published in a book and a certificate, and 1 out of 116 prizes. My first great accomplishment. :) I am soo proud of myself. 

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